1. Tips to nail your next College Admission Essay

 Tips to nail your next College Admission Essay

Do you think you have mastered the art and science of writing academic essays? All good! You begin with an introduction, put thesis in place, write about three paragraphs of details and wrap it up.

Leave that! A college admission essay is not something like this. Want to know how to how to nail it? Keep on reading. . .

The College Admission Essay Matters!

Keep one thing in mind while writing your admission essay, it must steal the show. It must reflect your novel persona, who you are outside your grades and scores?

It is not that scary, stop screaming for free essay writer. Because you have a choice about what to share and how to share. 

While writing an essay for college admission do not forget to think about who is going to read your essay. What makes you unique in their eyes?

Take it as an opportunity to share your goals, personality, and ambition. The leadership roles and the information you share will reflect why college is a good fit for you or why you are a good fit for college.

The good way to write an admission essay is to move step-by-step.

Here are some “Quick Tips” to guide you

We have compiled some tips to teach you the best way to write a college admission essay

Know your prompt

This is the most basic thing of a good entry essay. Make sure that you truly understand the prompt of your essay. If you don’t understand it yourself, never as someone writes my essay!

The prompt will suggest to you what should be the key ideas to be discussed in your essay. It must reflect your spark and creativity.

Read and reread! Take your time! Think about what is being asked? What do you want to accomplish at the end of your essay? Do not think like what you do while writing an academic essay, think like an applicant you has a higher purpose behind writing an essay.

How long should a college admissions essay be will also be in the prompt? 


Now once you are clear about what you have to write. Brainstorming will generate all the possible ideas to address your essay prompt.

Reflect on what are your strengths? What makes you stand out? What sets you apart from other applicants?

After brainstorming, jot down all your ideas. When you will start writing, you will be thankful for this . . . !

Decide what you want to tell your readers. From all your ides, you have collected choose what you will discuss in your persuasive essay topics. What captures more of you?

Craft an Outline

This is the time to map out what you have brainstormed so far. Do you want to know how to start my college admission essay? This is how you do it!

An outline is a blueprint, it is a plan that will keep you on track. Your outline must divide your essay into different sections which you will follow in your essay.

Shape what you want to think in the form of an interesting beginning, a middle and a captivating ending.

Also, make a strategy on how will you start your essay and how will you close it.

Write the essay

Are you happy with the outline you have developed. Start writing . . . .!

Whatever you will write in the first attempt, consider it a draft. So you may leave some room for revision. Try to keep your focus narrow.

  • Be specific, stick to the point
  • Avoid cliché
  • Stay away from minute details
  • Be you! You are unique and show this in your essay
  • Try to bring something fresh to the table


The last but not the least step is proofread.

Do not underestimate the power of proofreading. This is the only way to assure that the essay is close to perfection. Proofreading will also ensure that you have followed the prompt.

This is the last stage of this hard journey. The editing will make your essay as good as you want. You don’t want to give an impression of carelessness to your reader.

Do not simply rely on proofreading software, do read it yourself. Take help from some other person for proofreading and editing. You can also hire an essay writing service for editing your document to its precision.

Tie up loose ends

I know you have spent a lot of time in writing your essay, but this last effort is worth it. Before submitting, check if you have included all the required information such as your name, contact, ID and any other personal information.

Also, keep a copy of your application and persuasive essay topics with yourself. Don’t let this hard work get wasted.

Do you need college admissions essay help? Want someone reliable to do it for you? Take my advice, contact ABC website and pay for essay to experts. You will never regret your choice! Good luck with your admission!

2. Ace your Scholarship Essay with these Hacks

Essay Writing

Applying to a college is a great headache. Isn’t it? You need to complete the set of applications, financial aid applications and admission essays and also an essay if you want to avail the scholarship.

The scholarship essay has to be impressive if you want to impress the reader and grab scholarship. You cannot just rush through it. After all, it will have an impact on your college life. Your essay will help the reader to assess if their investment will be worth it. It is really important to take time out and craft your essay. That is why students are most willing to pay for essay

Want to know how to land a perfect scholarship essay that could get you peaceful sleep in the future?

Dive in and learn the best tips to learn how to write a scholarship essay!

Absorb what you have been asked for

Stick to the instructions! This is all I mean here.

There is always an essay prompt, keep it with you while you write your essay. Take care of the following things:

  • What is the required length of the essay? Never write beyond or below that!
  • What should be the subject of an essay? What do you need to cover?
  • What specific instructions do you need to follow?

Remember! Big money is at stake, you have to give them exactly what they seek.  

Organize your Essay

Like other essays, scholarship essay outline follows the same pattern:

  1. An Introduction
  2. A Body
  3. A Conclusion

Sounds familiar? Nothing different from what you have been doing since school. Stop wishing for a free essay writer. You just need to be vibrant and creative. Let’s have a detailed look into these sections.


Never underestimate the power of a good introduction. I repeat, never!

Before writing make yourself clear about how to start a scholarship essay introduction.

It is your opportunity to hit the ground. Create a context, provide your reader with the information they want to know in the very beginning of the essay.

You can begin with an anecdote, some interesting facts or whatever that could grab your reader’s attention. Set them up for what’s coming next. Also, make an argument at the end of your essay. This information should directly hit what you will be talking about an essay and what makes you a suitable candidate for this scholarship.


Next comes the main section. You have already shared what you will be talking about in your essay. Cover all the main points that your essay demands.

Devote one paragraph each to each point you have to discuss an essay. Be clear about what you are writing. Do not bluff and exaggerate, just be you.

Avoid clichés! Don’t sound boring, keep the reader intertwined throughout your essay. Use interesting words and be creative in your expression. Do not use pointless and generic sentences.

Writing a scholarship essay is an art, and prove that you can be an artist!


This paragraph is inverse of introduction. Just sum up what you have written and lock in the mind of the reader that you do deserve a scholarship.

You have to be very careful about how to end a scholarship essay because it will leave a final impression in the mind of the reader. The decision will be mostly depending on it. 

Just restate the main points of your essay and end with a lasting impression. Never ever make a mistake to copy paste something from body or introduction. Rephrase what you pick.

Bonus Tips

Stay Focused!

Here is something that you need to teach yourself. Don’t talk useless things in your essay. The judges will note everything….!!

Reading useless stuff will hit them in head and if they don’t get what they seek you won’t get what you seek. . .

A lot of students ask professionals I need help writing an essay for a scholarship, they don’t find it an easy thing to manage.

Remember your essay is also a reflection of your writing skills. What would a sloppy and confusing essay make them feel?

Have on Point!

Develop a thesis statement about the key points you want to discuss in your persuasive essay topics and stick to those points.

Without specific points, you will simple stroll. The essay must support and discuss those points. This will also keep you on track and you will not include any useless information in your essay.

Done? Wait, Proofread!

Do you think your job is done here? Absolutely not….!

Essay writing service can proofread and edit your essay to its perfection. Let someone expert than you to revise your essay! They will make your essay more clear and precise.

Now you can hopefully write an exceptionally well scholarship essay for yourself. This is what we believe. You can do it!

But still having doubts about on will your essay get you to win this big game of your life? Worry Not! You can always ask professionals, help me write my scholarship essay….!

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Have a life of the party! And Good luck!

3. 10 + Suggested Essay Topic for College Admission

Writing an essay for college admission is not a herculean task at all. All you need to do is to explore good topics for a personal essay.  Save a few of the colleges you are free to make a choice from any one of the topics to write a personal essay on.

When exploring personal essay ideas for college admission, students normally feel that they are being ridiculed. However, that’s not the case, rather college administration wants to hear from you. They want to see your intellectual vitality, your creativity, your achievements, and the character traits you possess.

Following your passing out from high school, a very important question might hit your table; what should I write my personal essay about? You might get confused with so many personal things to write about.

If I were you, I would simply plan my time and dip into the admission applications. It would help me to determine the number and nature and of short essay topics for college admission. However, if you still fail to produce personal essay ideas then I suggest you pay for an essay, and get it done before you miss the chance to turn your dream into reality.

If you open your browser and ask Google for personal writing ideas, you may find a number of essay topics for college students. However, if you still feel you can’t write or can’t choose the topic then don’t get yourself caught in the undertow. There are some free essay writer who not only offer their essay samples but also provide students with essay topics to write for their admission purpose.

Your college essay will help admission officers to determine who you are, save your academic performance in terms of grades. Let’s have a look at college essay prompts that might guide you through the admission process.

#1 Description of your identity or story that you think is essential.

#2 Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

#3 Have you ever failed at something? If yes, then how, why, and when?

#4 Why do you select this college for admission?

#5 What motivates you to pursue this program at college?

#6 What was the biggest mistake you made and how did cope with the outcomes?

#7 Have you ever solved a problem?

#8 How do you see your personal growth?

#9 What do you think is the best invention so far?

#10 What would comment about your emotional stability?

#11 What constitutional amendment you would suggest?

#12 Do you want to be famous or have a lot of money? Choose one.

#13 What is the best book you have read so far? And what makes it best?

#14 How would you react if you get rejected for the admission in our college?

#15 Write about the fears of your life?

I could have written 100 college persuasive essay topics for you but the aforementioned topics would help you to explore your inner traits.

However, if you want to save your time and want to avoid mental fatigue then I suggest you open your browser and type “write my essay” in the search bar. You will find a number of links to hire a writer for your admission essay.

If you ask me to guide you then I urge you not to waste to your time in reading the reviews for different essay writing services. If I was at your place, I would have visited XYZ and hire a writer for my college admission essay. Trust me guys, they provide the best essay writing service. In fact, I have availed their service for a couple of time and they never disappointed me or anybody else who has had their services.